The Meteoric rise of online networking has changed the way we build our career circles. But in-person introductions still rule the networking world, and business cards are still its currency. -K.B.

The secret power of the simple introduction. Tons of opportunities have been created just by the simple introduction. The Art of Introduction might be my next book it is such an important topic. By mastering this simple skill you will become an efficient relationship builder. Nothing gets started without that first introduction. When you learn to bring people together it gives you a sense of authority. 
One key to developing authority is to have a business card. When someone has a business card you have no choice but to take them seriously. People still use business cards when doing basic introductions. But, not just any business cards. Your business card is like a handshake you want a firm and quality one. When people have business cards that are dingy and torn it leaves a bad impression like a limp handshake. Make sure to invest in a business card holder. This will separate you from the people who have business cards but stuff them carelessly in their wallets. 

Taking good care of your appearance as well as your business cards will always leave a great impression on people.

Invest in business cards and learn the business etiquette of the introduction. Practice giving introductions to new people. Don't discount the power of introducing like minded people. Marriages and million dollar relationship have been created. Stand out by leading the introduction and you will truly be a person with authority and are always in the position to become a relationship broker. You may monetize your relationship building services.

Learn to introduce yourself to people rather online or in-person. This will help you to stand out from the people who are hiding behind their devices. People still crave the "Hi, I am Alante' Adams and I help people to enjoy a satisfactory life by providing motivation, advice, and support to assist in reaching their aims." What is your name and what do you do?