Virgin Hair Guide: TOP 4 HAIR TYPES

Human hair extension comes in different type just like our natural hair comes in different texture. With the human hair coming in different textures as well, their is a type that suits your hair and your style.

The most sought-after types of weave are Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian.

Each type of human hair is characterized by a specific texture and comes in multiple wave patterns such as straight, wavy, deep wave or tight curly. Let’s talk about:

Indian Hair

◆Indian Virgin Hair is one of the most commonly used all over the world and widely available on the market, and the hair is the best choice for long lasting natural looking hair extensions.

◆This hair is versatile, naturally silky and lustrous. It comes in straight hair, curly hair, loose wave, natural wave, body wave and deep wave textures which doesn’t undergo any chemical treatments to attain any style…

◆Indian virgin hair has a very fine density and has a light bouncy feel to it. This makes it easy to curl and style. With textures ranging from silky to coarse, Indian virgin hair is a great choice if you like hair that is versatile and flexible when it comes to styling.

◆A great fit for all hair types, Indian hair is a consistent contender for the best hair available today. Indian hair is a popular choice because its texture and color are easily matched to many ethnicity, especially relaxed African American hair and the best part is that when taken good care of, it lasts a very long time..

Peruvian Hair

◆Peruvian Virgin Hair is a multipurpose and versatile hair choice. The hair type is extremely thick ,light, soft and luxurious, and this hair can require less bundles to give a strong, full body look. Who doesn't love a full look without having to purchase more bundles.

◆Although it’s coarser and thicker than Malaysian or Brazilian hair, This hair also blends well with most hair textures. You want hair that will look natural every time your wear it. It is an amazing beautiful choice. If you want to know how to blend natural hair with weave. This is definitely the go to choice.

Malaysian Hair

◆Malaysian Virgin Hair is heavier and thicker than Indian hair, as well as being softer and silkier than Indian hair. The hair has a extremely luxurious feel to it and has a great natural shine. Just enough shine to have it looking natural.

◆The hair in a variety of different textures including: straight, wavy and curly. The virgin Malaysian Remy hair is still thicker, softer and versatility to give you the luscious style you desire.

◆This hair blends extremely well with African American hair. Curls will last all day and do not loosen or drop and no hair product is required to maintain the shape. You don't have to spend more money on products to maintain it because the curls are just that awesome.

Brazilian Hair

◆Brazilian Virgin Hair is one of the most sought after hair types in the world. The hair is very softness, durability and thickness. Just about everyone has experience Brazilian hair and they can agree on the texture of it.

◆Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is free of chemicals or hair color and retains all cuticles in the original healthy state, all cuticles of hair are guaranteed to be in the same direction, so there will be no hair tangling hassle. When cuticles are not in the same directions your ends will look out of control and sometimes might get tangle. So when you shop for hair make sure to check/read the descriptions first.

◆This texture is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. This hair will also hold curls very well. Takes heat(iron) extremely well.

◆With a low to medium luster and natural density, Brazilian virgin hair will require less bundles to create a full look. My favorite hair type is Brazilian curly hair.