The most streamlined way to familiarize yourself with a subject is to read a book on it. When simply fishing people may argue it's simple on the surface just grab a hook and bait and you are all set. Wrong! Many people have this mentality to jump into activities with the "I will learn on the job mentality." They stumble so much at fishing and relationships because they had the wrong bait, didn't know the best times to go fishing or dating and didn't understand the certain tricks of the trade. There are fishing professionals who are consistent in catching fish and make a living off fishing. But to the person  who doesn't read a book about the proper equipment and bait for each type of fish they will have a hard time. We like strawberries but do the fish like them? No. Well certain fish may eat certain bait at a more frequent rate. Not to get in all the science of fishing.

The point is don't make assumptions based on the looks of it. Assuming that it doesn't require in-depth analysis. Most people think but they don't ponder. Pondering is the focused studying of a subject for days and years to truly understand all the dynamics of a subject. When you choose books you become more efficient because you don't have to figure out all the information others already spent time observing. Don't assume read a book. The author has invested their time in the study of the subject so that you can optimize your benefit. Don't be the person fishing with strawberries. It sounds funny now but at one time somebody tried it. Until they learned that it didn't work. Don't rely only on your own observation without reading about other's observation before you. 

Books are designed to help you in your profession rather that's fishing, dating, or programming.

Why not stand on the shoulders of giants. The next time you do anything new crack open a book on the subject and watch how much easier your life becomes. When there is something that you don't know pick up a book on the subject to save time and unnecessary stress. You will save time to work on other projects that are of greater priority. So, read to increase your speed in the long-run. Stop running in place finding out old discoveries. Yep, read a book even if its only to go fishing on the lake.