Follow-Through or Fail. We learn in sports quickly in order to land an accurate punch, shot, or pass we must follow-through. Rather that's with a bowling ball, tennis ball or in human relationships. The follow-up is real. The ball is on your court to do so. The power of the follow-up is in your hands. Anyone can launch a ball in the air, or start a project. But many will not follow-through to ensure it reaches its goal. That's a skill. The follow through is almost like a law of physics it helps guide the ball more accurate and give it more strength, finesse, and accuracy. This applies to relationships and business projects.

When observing players in sports. We see every professional may have a different stance or stroke but when it comes to contact with the ball they all have a certain habit of hitting it a specific way to increase the chance of the ball's success at a certain time. Never mind how they stand, or shoot all must possess a follow-through upon contact of the ball. 

The great's master the follow-up when others are so busy being concerned about launching the business or starting a new relationship. They are still benefiting from the fundamentals by practicing a better follow-up. A lot of people start relationships but don't know how to maintain attraction or success because they are focus only on the launch. They have no maintenance programs to keep the project on target.

Innovation is as important as creation. A creative project with no guidance is useless. They are many artists with brilliant ideas but the one who can innovate old projects and ideas and make them appear new is the real winner. This is an art and a science. Practice sticking with a project for the long-term, get rid of the "Launch Mentality". The happily ever after riding off in the sunset finish. The real work is hidden in the follow-through.

When you launch a project or enter into a new relationship make sure your follow-up game is strong. This is where you get your hands dirty. Many people launch projects but don't follow-through to ensure its proper operation and success. It is easy to start a building but who is going to maintain it? Rather you are in entertainment, sports, or life's relationships make sure you repackage your older projects to continue to get the bang for the buck. Repolish your inventory and resale the rock you have sitting there collecting dust as a diamond you have been overlooking. Re-spark those old relationships you neglected. There are jewels in our own backyard that only need the proper follow-through guidance to increase its success.

Follow-through for the long-term. We don't have to get rid of projects in our lifetime in the short-term that is a big business problem. They have to sell business venture if they're aren't launch to the satisfaction of their shareholders over a strict time period. You don't have anyone standing over your shoulder to sell something if the project doesn't work. You own the copyright to you at least for this lifetime. You, on the other hand, can keep innovating old products and services and maintain beneficial relationships forever and it will benefit you.

Don't start a project, relationship, or anything without considering the long-term follow-through maintenance. What's the point of starting a relationship, or project and not reaping the full benefit of the interaction? Do not start anything looking for successful ventures without the chance at a strong follow-up game to continue to bring value to the project.

Follow this skill and you will be one step closer to better networking, fitness, and finances. Many people have money but no budget plan. The budget plan is the follow-through. A lot of people want to get in shape but don't have a fitness plan. Where is your follow-through?  Make sure you have one or your will miss your target 99.99% of the time.