We must have patience in the process rather than patience in waiting for an out come. When we plan to reach a goal patience should be an active process not something we passively sit back and wait on. Everything in life has rhythm. For example when people are doing double ditch people they don't just stand by and wait to jump in without gathering rhythm. They gather rhythm first with their mind then their body. When you're planning to reach your goal make sure you are doing day to day things to gather your rhythm.

Patience is a virtue but can become a vice when there is not necessary action involved. When you sit back and wait you loss out on your rhythm. Make sure you are you are doing the small things daily to stay in rhythm. If you want to reach a goal in the next 12 months. Break it down while you wait. Achieve small obstacles to maintain your focus by the month, then week, then day. When its time to jump in you won't have to spend time finding your rhythm.

If a boxer schedules fights too far apart he gets rusty. In order to reach your goals you must follow a consistent routine. This will keep your skills sharp and your mind focus. Life has obstacles to overcome by always learning something new, you sharpen your skills for the big matches in life. When you are actively practicing daily you won't be concern about winning your matches. You have to have discipline like a boxer when approaching life. Of course, you can lose but it's the grind every day that keeps you overcoming obstacles and reducing stress.

When your energy levels are low make sure to do small tasks to improve your mood. It always feels good to scratch off something on your to-do list. Gathering rhythm while you wait will increase your confidence. When you increase your confidence you increase your results. No doubt. This will put the ball back on your court by taking action daily you are doing things you have control over in return you will have better control of your life.

May 08, 2023 — Helen Ayim