When going about your day you must stay focused on the objective or goal at hand. Have a goal for your day, week, month, year and so on. When you have a goal you're grounded and feel better about yourself. You have to have an idea of why you do certain activities because it's easy to get distracted. When you're focused on the end goal. You will see the difference between the people at your job who sit around in cliques and "shoot the shit" versus get work done. You will see the difference between the people that show up to the gym and talk on the phone. If you stick to the formula you will be okay.

When you work, work. When you eat, eat. When you play, play.

This means when it is time to work you do that, don't let "play time" distract you when you have things to do. This means put complete focus on the project at hand. When you take care of business first you will become more efficient and a better leader.

Always keep yourself busy to keep people on their toes so they won't distract you at work. When you workout have a "no cell phone" policy. Whatever you are doing try to give your all and full undivided attention to the task at hand. When you take your task seriously others take you serious and you separate yourself from the B.S'ers. Make rules to keep yourself focus. Find out the distracting people or activities you do that don't help with your efficiency and rule them out.

How you do anything determines how you do everything.

Don't do anything halfway and give up. Avoid the people who are not serious about reaching goals or that comes to bring distractions like gossip, talking negative, and being quitters. Negative people will affect how you perform which will eventually lead you to be distracted and not reach your goals.

Perhaps you come to gym to do 100 push-ups. The other person just comes to the gym to do 1 push-up. Once they do their 1-push-up they began to talk to you and you don't get your work done. Their goal was set low. They've reached their mediocre level. Your goal was set high. But you can't reach your high goal without first getting rid of the low goal setters and distractors. They may not have the same intentions so steer clear of them to aim higher and become a better person.

Reevaluate your life. Weed the people out who are not serious about the main goal in any activities more than likely that's how they behave in all areas of their life. Mediocre. If you come to play at an event and someone comes to fight and cause problems they will stand out like a sore thumb. Know what you come to do and the ones who want to do the opposite will be revealed.

That way when you have a goal. You know what not to do to reach it. Make sure you know what not to do to become a winner. Observe yourself closely to make sure you are giving your full undivided attention and steering clear of the people who don't have the same intentions or big goals like you do in your life.