The forest and the trees perspective will help benefit your life in many ways. The forest is related to seeing the big picture. The trees are related to examining its parts that make up the whole. The power comes when you know why, when, and how to use one or the other. The trees perspective is like tunnel vision with tunnel vision you are focused only on one aspect. 

The advantages of tunnel vision is the ability to find minor details that can potentially affect the big picture or the forest. You can catch potential problems before they become big or be the first to spot a good trend. The disadvantages of tunnel vision is that you can lose sight of the big picture and the result will be disorder because you can't put the minor importance of the tree in perspective to the big picture. 

How much credit or emphasis do you put on a tree versus the forest collectively when examining a situation?

Knowing when to use tunnel vision versus taking a step back and seeing the whole picture and how and when to interweave the two will make you a winner. When doing a project after you finish a task always take a step back to see if the task fits with the completed project. When you are too focused on a project sometimes that line that looks straight close-up can be whopped when you take a step back.

Don't focus on one tree and forget about the forest and don't stare at the forest without knowing when it is best to look at the individual trees.

For example, if you are in a relationship and you put all your focus on that person you will overvalue them because you are too absorbed into one tree. You will not be able to appreciate the forest of life's opportunities. Because you will only be staring at a big tree in front your face. This person then starts to take you and your presence for granted because anything that is in overabundance like air becomes taken for granted. They take you for granted because you're putting too much time and focus on them. But, if you do other activities outside of your relationships like hobbies, and other projects you will put your relationship in perspective. This in return will allow people to see the value in you.

When you're focused too much on anything you go blind to your happiness and all the potentials of what life has to offer that can benefit all your relationship outside of it. When you value other aspects of your life as well as your relationships you will be more appreciated by that person because they will know you have other things that can grab your interest without being around or under them all the time. This is a win/win situation. This will make you more interesting. Which will lead to a more fulfilling relationships in your life.

When you go to the gym, read, and network you are appreciating yourself and the all the experiences of people and the world. Don't get too focused on one job, one person, or anything without knowing the importance of familiarizing yourself with other experiences.

This principle of finding other projects and things to do can work in all areas of your life. When all you do is go to work and sleep. Try to find something you enjoy outside of work to put work and life in perspective. When you put things in perspective you become happier because you are reaping the forest of what life has to offer. When you go back to your individual relationships you can tell stories from other aspects of your life. You will bring more value to your job because of the variety of experiences you have had in the forest of life.

Knowing when to zoom into the individual versus studying society as a whole will be a major key to wisdom. How much blame do you put on an individual vs society or the environment of the individual? Tunnel vision is great, but when using tunnel vision don't forget about the influences of the big picture. 

The big picture is the why behind what you do as an individual. The big picture will play a big role in the individual tree. When using tunnel vision make sure you know when to put your head on a swivel for new opportunities in relationships, fitness, and finances. It is good to focus on one aspect or tree at certain times, but don't forget about the big picture or forest.

The big picture is the complete picture. You can't look at the parts accurately without having the whole picture. Understanding when to look at the forest or when to look at the tree will make you a warrior.

When you find yourself getting sucked in by focusing too much on a small detail you know it's time you re-examine the big picture.