Frustration is a part of the process of learning. Learning is the key to increasing your chances of winning. Learning keeps you growing and adapting to your surroundings. When you stop learning you become complacent. Complacency is the enemy of learning. When you get out your comfort zone there will be frustration on the outside. It is easy to be complacent and to avoid frustration.

Learn to embrace frustration to strive to win. When you are constantly challenging yourself by trying new things you will be frustrated because it seems difficult at first. Everything is difficult at first. Use that frustration energy and keep attacking the problem that is frustrating you.

If you are frustrated anyway you might as well win to receive a reward for it.

When things frustrate you use that as a challenge to conquer it. When you worry or are frustrated at something usually it is causing stress. Trust your worries because usually it is a problem that needs to be addressed. 

For example, If you notice something in your peripheral of life that is aggravating you. It is better to come up with an action plan to solve the problem rather than letting it fester. When you are frustrated it usually is an indicator that you need to focus your mind on overcoming that particular obstacle. 

When you are constantly learning and improving you will encounter frustrating moments it is those people who attack their frustrating problems to overcome them instead of wallowing in self-pity who win in the long run. If you are not frustrated you are not challenged enough. Learn a new sport, hobby, or skill. When you are constantly pushing yourself past that contentment point you will see true progress. Just because you are successful doesn't mean you don't continue to aim high by being hungry. Embrace frustration as a badge of honor when learning something new.

Studies show emotions play a big role while learning. When you are emotional you will learn about the material better because it will be in your nervous system. When you don't care you don't learn period. When you are frustrated you care solve that problem learn it and overcome. The lesson will become a part of you. When you overcome frustration then you will feel bliss when you finally "get it" keep fighting through frustration to continue to get what you come for. There will be moments of frustration but how you handle it will determine if you are a winner or loser. Embrace Frustration as a part of the process.

So when frustration comes be prepared to learn that will make you a winner. When others get frustrated they quit when you get frustrated you are preparing to win and that makes all the difference.
July 24, 2023 — Helen Ayim