Don't Stay in bed unless you can make money in bed -George Burns
Even then don't stay in bed because you will get a massive heart attack. Join a club, exercise in the morning to get your blood flowing. Do something productive in the morning to prepare for your day. But don't procrastinate in that darn bed.
When you get up in the morning do you attack your day or procrastinate. When you hear your alarm do you pop up or wallow for a minute. This is big pay attention to this. It will determine if you are a person that pops up and is ready for the day or are you the "give me five more minutes person".

If you're not excited to pop up and go and get it this is not for you. Because you have to set goals that you are passionate about it. Create a life that you are excited to live. You have to change the habit of procrastination. When you pop out of bed in the morning that momentum you build will propel you to attack the rest of your tasks like its a law of physics.

Tomorrow morning pop up right when the alarm sounds and watch how you feel. Pay attention to how you do small things this will determine if you will do big things. When you're excited about your life goals you will be up before the alarm many times. When you're jumping out of bed to reach your goals you are on your way. Take heed to this and evaluate yourself to determine if you're a snooze presser or go-getter.