When you engage in any activity your objective should be to continuously improve. When you engage make sure you analyze yourself before and after to improve. Rather doing music, exercise or building relationships. You have to make sure you look at yourself in the mirror.

It can be a camera mirror it doesn't matter. Watch yourself on film. Play your activity back and learn from history. You will be able to see things you couldn't see from a different view. This will show you your techniques and flaws you forgot about. Make sure to get feedback from other people to see how your work is perceived let that become sort of like a social mirror.

Analyzing yourself is key to improvement. Do not just go with the flow. Watch yourself for signs to improve it will help you. While other people just go through the motions you make your efforts count because you will be learning from your past mistakes; So, that you improve and you will be able to see yourself grow as if you had a bird's eye view of yourself.

Do. Analyze. Improve. Repeat.

Analyzing yourself is an important key to prioritize to win. Get you a mentor or role model to model after. It is nothing like a coach who becomes your mirror (Feedback) and already went through the pain so that you can learn faster and save yourself time and unnecessary mistakes.
August 07, 2023 — Helen Ayim