Make sure you stick to your script or schedule for today. It is easy to get distracted when you're waiting for a phone call or on someone to do something for you. When you are waiting on anything make sure you are taking action while you wait. 

Don't sit around and wallow while you can be taking a small action in the process. Keep moving through your schedule and your to-do list when what you've been waiting for shows you would be in a good position to deal with it. Don't distract your mind from the goal by sitting idle and waiting. 

Stay focused by staying busy. The key to finishing your goals is staying busy. Don't give your control of the day away by waiting on anything or anyone. Do what you can with what you've got. Don't tell yourself for a second that you should wait on this or that. Attack your schedule and life. David versus Goliath. 

When you hear the word wait, that's when winners take action while others sit still and wait. Don't wait for an "invitation" because you may never receive. Keep moving while you wait regardless of what you're waiting for. Never stop taking action to reach your goal. Stick to what you can control for the most part and that's your script. 

Don't confuse wait with stop.
August 14, 2023 — Helen Ayim