When you go to work rather you own a business, have a job, or work in life in general. Do you go to work or do you come to work? A lot of people have scheduled work hours but they don't give their full efforts. They may go to work just out of need. They may go to work out of habit but are they productive?

The key is to put in work regardless of what you have to do. A lot of people come to their work hours and after telling themselves before they start that they will only due certain activities. They try to limit the amount of work or the scope of their work activities. But, Life calls for work. No man or women is exempt from this so embrace it.

When those certain activities is not the priority of the day and they have to do something different they pout. When you go to work just know that you have to work. Don't determine beforehand what you will do on your work schedule. Believe me when you have the mindset to work your life will be easier because you will do the hard work to make it easier. You will be prepared to tackle problems that "pop up" unexpected. When you are a problem solver you make more money.
More problems. more work. more money.

When people come to their work hours half cocked you will be the one prepared for all the curves of the day while others complain at every twist and turn. 

Life is work, work is life. When you embrace that you have to "work" in life you will be free. 75% of the things we do to be successful we don't get paid for. Work is grooming, waking up, putting on clothes, exercise, making important phone calls, e.t.c. When you cut corners on the work aspect of life you will end up short changed. Don't cheat the process. Work and reap all your benefits. Don't cheat yourself treat yourself by working.

Even millionaires have to "work" because they have to move around or risk at heart attack. Remember there is no wealth without health. They must still perform work, but its how they continue to do their job even when their role has changed.

Continue to do your job on the world stage. There is no shortcut. Embrace that you will have to work. Money shouldn't stop your work ethic. Work is a principle of life. Now go work then you will know your worth.
August 21, 2023 — Helen Ayim