When being productive be successful time-management is the key. Order plays a big role in your productivity. If you have a cluttered desk or work area you have cluttered mind. Make sure to stay on top of your work area this will help reduced stress.

Have a place for work only so that when you get ready to work your mind can be prepared also. Organize your work area, your schedule, and activities. Write down where things belong so that you know their place in your mind. Organization in your life saves you time. There is a place for everything. Find it.

When cooking clean while you cook to save time. You can do both. If you have a place for everything you can put the item where it belongs. Don't put it in the wrong place in the first place and you wouldn't have to pick it up. Consider a clean space as important as the work itself because with a clean environment you will produce quality work. When you are going throughout your day, don't clutter your desk because it will clutter your mind. This in return will increase stress.

Put things where they go and back where you got it from. The little time it takes to do these little tasks will save you plenty of time and peace of mind in the long run. Don't let one item be out of place. And don't let cleaning up get in the way of your goals. Achieve your goals while you clean. Don't procrastinate and make cleaning a big block of your time. Clean while you work. That is not a separate category.

You can do both.

Knowing how important your environment is to effective work and taking advantage of your workspace will help you to produce at a higher level. So clean up while you cook. Don't wait until after you create a mess than clean. Don't create a mess by staying proactive on keeping your work environment clean and organized you will feel all the better.
August 28, 2023 — Helen Ayim