When you have to do any task to reach your goal. You will be tempted to tell yourself you will do it later. When a task requires time and energy we tend to tell ourselves we will do it later. When we push the project back it gets bigger and bigger as it hangs over our head. We know it is imminent but since it doesn't seem immediate we push it until later.

Because it is easier to tell yourself "Later" it solves the problem "Now" but it is only a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Don't try to take the illusionary placebo. That you can push something off by doing less important projects. Attack the big goal and the rest will follow. Prioritize and take a little action now. Attack that big projects.

The key to reaching your goals is to reduce it into small chunks. Do something now towards it. Rather that is writing down what you have to do. Break the project into small chunks. When you start to practice on taking a small action big problems wouldn't be hanging over your head and your stress will be reduced. How many exercise piece of equipment is collecting dust. The many books people haven't read that is pushed into the "read later" category. The projects that have been abondoned. The list goes on.

Don't Trick yourself into believing you will do it later. Do something small towards the big goal every day. This will reduce procrastination and you will get more accomplished. Don't trust later, later will continue to replace now. Later is only your friend if you're taking action now. It becomes harder and harder to do something later. Later is abstract. Us humans understand now more than later. We feel the now because our senses are in the now. When you do it in the now. Which is every day you will be taking advantage of building huge projects starting a brick at a time. When you do it later or if you do it later your job will be more difficult. 

It will require more energy than you have in a day. It will take too much of your time. People procrastinate until the deadline. Don't do that stop draining your energy and giving yourself stress. When you have to do something stop pushing into the "later" category and you will reap the benefits of taking action now. You will be the person who gets things done before the deadline. You will come alive. You will be more in the moment. You will become a productive, efficient, and confident person.
September 04, 2023 — Helen Ayim