How do you feel about level "one" in any activity? Is level one filled with excitement, anxiety or something to just go through the motions until you get to the next level? How you feel about level one will determine your longevity in the game of success. 

Level one is the beginning most likely you will cover the basics in level one. Every level of progress builds off level one. This is when you're probably where frustrated learning the essentials. Level one is where you build the foundation to excel in any activity. Level one is by far the most important level. 

Level one is where you build the proper mindset for the activity and learn the nuances of how to play the game. It is where you get introduced to the rules of the game. You will be a fool to play any game without knowing the rules. The power to succeed at level one is to have an open mind to the activity. It is where you erase any preconceived notions.

The problems come when people amass material things, and medals. Then they began to discount the power of level one. They feel they're above level one by being better than the process itself. They may be advanced but level one lessons are the foundation of the advanced level. You're not truly advanced if you discount the power of the basics. Only advanced teachers can teach level one lessons properly because they understand the importance of level one to get wheretheye are today!

A person who discounts the beginning stage is mostly likely not qualified to teach the basic to beginners because they're mediocre. Their flawed blueprint will finally start to show. They will begin to plateau and refused to turn to the basics for guidance. Their arrogance leads to destruction. That small stray away from the basics will later lead to a big one and they will lose their way.

So don't mind people that talk down to people who are just starting out or at the beginning stages. Don't join the losers. They don't understand the importance of level one in any activity. They began to mock level "oners" because of their so called advanced superiority. The real winners embrace level one because they know that's what makes winners and is the mother of all higher levels of progress. 

They will actively cheer on all beginners because they know what it takes. They won't discourage people who embrace level one and is trying to overcome because they know the feeling. A lot of people are afraid to start over when they fail or lose their job or materialistic possessions because they feel they have passed level one and shouldn't have to start over. They pout and scream to have to revisit the beginning. Losers associate level one with inferiority but a real winner views level one with a sense of superiority. Taking level one serious was where they began to excel. They fought through the humiliation, the frustration of learning again and embrace the power of level one. Most people don't like to go back and review the basic so they give up. They claim they are above the process. 

The person who embraces the level one and isn't afraid to start over and win it back will be the one who last because they won't hold on to their past accomplishments and illusions of greatness. They will be consistently practicing and continuing to build on the basics. So are you afraid of level one? 
September 11, 2023 — Helen Ayim