Good Hair Habits That Everyone Should Use

Why your night routine might be blocking hair growth.

No matter what texture your hair is, it is crucial to have a night time hair routine. We all know that nothing grows over night especially your hair but these quick tips will help you wake up with flawless hair in the morning Here are a couple of hair tips you should follow regardless of what kind of hair you have on your head.

Have All Your Hair Products in One Place

I’ve had to learned the hard way about having my hair products everywhere in my house. Putting your hair products in one spot will prevent you from skipping out on any necessary steps and save you from purchasing more needed products when you cant find them. I know we all get super tired some nights and don’t want to take those couple extra minutes or seconds to look for that one hair product so you skip out on doing your hair.

Putting all your products in one place will allow you to give your hair all the tender care and love it needs. With the right care your hair will grow more than before. These step will also save you time when getting ready in the morning! Time is never on our side when it comes to getting ready for work so when you do your hair at night you save your self long hours in the morning because your hair will already be ready for work.

You Never Want To Sleep with Wet Hair

I would highly recommend you never to wash your hair during the week. During the week is when we become more lazy because after a long day at work we don’t want to do anything other than eat shower and relax. Save your wash for Saturdays. I recommend you to pick a Saturday or Sunday to do your hair and stick with that.

For example I wash my hair every other Saturday and I style it to last long enough for the next wash. I know we all have nights where we are too lazy or tired of waiting for our hair to dry overnight. But if you do decide to wash your hair doing the week its ok to leave it wet when going to bed once in a while, but if you are a repeat offender of this, you may want to start washing your hair on the weekends because Sleeping with wet hair can cause your hair to stretch and break more, and nobody wants damaged locks. I surely don’t.

Always Prep Your Hair at Night

Doing your hair the night before is crucial when you want to save time in the am. Prepping your hair the night before is especially essential when you are trying to change the natural state of your hair. Especially if you are natural you have to do your twist out, braid out, and Bantu knots the night before if you want them to come out perfect. You don’t want to go to work looking like you just woke up. If you’re going to straighten your hair it is best to do it the night before and then just wrap it overnight or better do it on the weekend.

Who Doesn’t Love Good Scalp Massage!

If you want healthy and long hair massaging your scalp is your best friend. Scalp massages circulate the blood and increases the blood flow to your hair follicles which promotes hair growth. You can also add oils to your fingertips and massage it into your scalp using a circular motion to prevent a dry scalp and dandruff. Your scalp needs food(oil) just like we need to eat to stay alive. If your hair doesn’t get the food it needs it wont grow like you want it to.

Keep Your Hair Moisturize

If your hair is feeling a little dry before bed or anytime during the week, you want to moisturize. Moisturizing your hair might be in the form of adding oil or a leave-in conditioner. You can also use a hair steamer. Steamers work by the hydrating dry hair through steam. The moist heat from the steam also promotes hair growth. The steam lifts your hair cuticles which allows products to penetrate your hair shaft for optimal moisture. This process also helps to heal damaged hair!

Silk/Satin Pillows and Bonnets Are The Best Things To Sleep In

Silk and satin bonnets and pillows are essential especially for our natural women. If you sleep without a bonnet on cotton pillows or sheets, this can wreak havoc on your hair over time and you my friend do not want that. Cotton pillowcases can remove moisture from your hair because cotton absorbs all your natural oils while you sleep.

Sleeping on a cotton pillow can cause frizz and breakage. Satin and silk pillowcases are smooth so your hair and they won’t get tangled while you are sleeping. If you do not want to get a satin or silk pillowcase, you can always purchase bonnets as an alternative. For me Personally Bonnets are my best friend because i have this fear of something crawling in my ears while i sleep so i put my bonnet over my ears as well…No judging we all have our weird ways. You can even buy some bonnets infused with oils that will give your hair extra moisture.

Anti-Frizz Products To Slay Those Little Baby Hairs Down

Anti-frizz products are a must so you can wake up with your hair beautiful and sleek. If you like voluminous hair frizz can be your best friend but when you want defines curls frizz is definitely not what you want. To prevent that you can add some anti-frizz products while moisturizing your hair at night and wake up with perfect defined beautiful curls.