Quality hair is all about investing in yourself. How you do anything determines how you do everything. Please read that last sentence again. People don’t invest in themselves because they don’t know the difference in spending versus investing.

People think when they buy hair they are not investing in themselves. If you think you are spending and not investing when you buy hair you have to rethink this in terms of appearance.

Like it or not you are judged by your appearance. There is a saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in reality people judge all the time. People make snap judgments about people in less than a second. It is scientifically proven. When people gaze your way you want them to see quality and that your appearance is in peak condition.

Because they will judge you the right way. So start by making sure you are not spending money on synthetic or bad quality hair that you have to constantly replace. Imagine this like a quality coat. You can by a coat for $40 or you can invest in a leather coat for only $400.00.

Spending vs Investing. Which one are you?

The $40 one will have to be replaced every year. Over ten years you will have spent $400 dollars on ten different poor quality coats. But you can invest in one coat that will last you 30+ years. Which is only $400 divided by $30 equals about $13 a year. Plus if it’s really a nice jacket you can sell it for more than you bought it because someone might want to buy a vintage jacket.

So don’t think about price as spending. Think big. Develop an investing mindset in everything you do. Cheap means many replacements but investing in nice things buy you a peace of mind and reduces stress knowing that it is legit and built to last. Invest in yourself today.