Let the testing begin…

Cant tell if your human hair extension is mixed with fake hair (synthetic) ?

Well watch as we burned our Virgin Hair.

To determine whether your hair extension is real or fake a microscopic test will need to be conducted  to find out the chemical composition of its the content. The simplest way to conduct a microscopic test is to do  the “fiber burn.”

A “fiber burn” will identify the chemical composition of your hair extensions. It is a standard test conducted in the textile industry to determine the fiber contents of fabric and the same test can be done on hair to determine its fiber contents. 

In Human Hair all protein fibers are present and in synthetic hair Nylon Fibers and/or Polyester Fibers are present. As you will discover the chemical composition of your hair extensions through the “fiber burn” test, you must pay attention to every detail. During the burning process you need to observe how it burns, how it smells(what type of smell) while burning, how easily it can be extinguished, and what kind of ash it leaves behind. Prodigyslay provides an example of how to conduct a “fiber burn” test and only serves as a recommendation. Always be careful with fire. It is your responsibility to observe safety before, during, and after the test.


First: Establish an area to test the hair extensions. Make sure the surrounding area is clear of flammable materials such as curtains, grease, papers, card boards, oils, or wrappers etc. The kitchen or bathroom sink is the recommended area to use as the sink itself is not easily damaged by fire and you easily have access to water if anything was to go wrong. Second: Light a candle. Make sure your candle is resting in a candle holder and using a pair of tweezers, bring a small section of your mystery hair extension fiber to the candle flame and Observe as it burns.


★ Human Hair is a protein fiber, burns briefly and will not continue to burn unless you hold it to the fire. The brief flame is orange, then the hair chars leaving a dark ash that turns to powder when crushed. The odor smells of burning flesh or burning feathers. As you watch the video below watch for these observations. The fire easily goes out unless i continue to light it. The hair never melted then burned it turned into ash as it should.

★ Synthetic hair is either nylon fibers or polyester fibers.

Nylon Fibers, burns rapidly then melts(Which is why we recommend never to purchase or use heat on it). The sparkling flame has a blue base and orange tip. The ash is similar to hard amber beads and smells of boiling green vegetables.
Polyester Fibers, burns and melts quite rapidly in the same instance. The sputtery flame is orange and with black smoke. It melts, drips, then becomes sticky to the touch before forming an ash of hard black beads. If you have an old wigs that synthetic you can cut a piece and burn it and observe as you burn.

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