air extensions are amazing especially when taken good care of.

With these tips on How you can make your extension last longer you will save yourself thousands of dollars.

When I started wearing extensions years ago I had no idea how much work is required to maintain it. At that point it’s not that I mind the maintenance, I just wanted someone to tell me how to take care of it for it to last longer while still looking awesome. I was taking care of my extensions as if they were my actual hair which I later learned that you cant do that. If you want your extensions to standout and keep its shape and form, you’ll need to ensure that you take good care of it.

When it comes to extensions, we have so many different type of texture which means each texture requires a different method of caring. And you don’t want to care for human hair as you would synthetic.

When Caring For Your Hair Extensions…
Google is filled with different ways to take care of your extensions. However, we are going to discuss three tips we use to maintain our human extensions. These tips are cardinal rule that you should follow to keep your extensions clean and freshly styled. Not only will these tips help you take very good care of your hair extensions, but it will increase the longevity of it.


First Lets Identify your Hair Extension Type.
One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to hair extensions is that they have no idea which type of hair extension they are using. Its very important to know what type of hair extension you have so you know just how to take care of it.

Lightly Cleanse Every So Often.
Depending on the type of hair extension you have, you’ll need to cleanse them lightly. Whenever I wear hair extension I make sure to clean them every two weeks to give it that fresh look just as I would my natural hair.
When it comes to cleansing, you don’t want to use shampoo. You want to use a light conditioner that will help you loosen up tangles. A light conditioner won’t strip your hair extension of their necessary shine. If you notice your hair is difficult to brush through, try using a conditioner to softer the hair and loosen those tangled ends. Just like you wouldn’t brush your nature hair while it is dry because it will break your hair, so you would add water or conditioner to soften it up and protect your hair from breakage.

Don’t Wear The Hair To Long.
One of the most important rule for hair extension is never to wear them for to long. Some extensions can be used for up to a year and longer but that doesn’t mean you should wear them for over a year. You can take them out. Cleanse them and reinstall. The important thing is that you take them out and give them a break because the longer you wear them, the more difficult it is to remove build-up. So make sure to clean them, so they aren’t run down, dirty and try.

Taking care of hair extensions don’t have to be difficult. Its quite simple to keep your hair extensions looking clean, fresh and shiny.
Follow these tips and see how the nature of your hair extension changes.
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