Top quality hair is not only soft, but theirs no tangle, no shedding and can be dyed, permed when you receive it.

With the right step by step on how to take care of your human hair extensions it will always look as if it just came out the box.

The best thin about quality hair is that it keeps its soft texture while lasting up to one month, five months, one year and even longer with the proper care.
— Hair & Care —

Depending on the type of hair for example deep curls; when you receive the hair do not use a comb at first, use your fingers just as you would on your natural curly hair when dry.

Read the step by step guide above on how to wash your hair. Use a shampoo you would normally wash your natural hair with. Once you’ve shampoo and condition it, make sure to apply leave-in-conditioner before styling to keep it looking fresh and also for it not to get matted at the back of your neck and I’m sure we have all had that problem.

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