8pcs Natural Magnetic Eyelashes



1. Take one eyelash and attach it to one end of the tool. Take the other eyelash and attach it to the opposite side of the tool.

2. Make sure the lashes are facing the inside of the tool so you can clip them around the shape of the eye.

3. Please make sure that the two sides of the magnet are facing each other and that the eyelashes are curved in the same direction.

4. Once they are attached to the tool,place the circular curve of the tool around the natural curve of the eye and lash line,then simply clip down.

5.When the magnet is absorbed, quickly and gently tilt up and open the eyelash curler.




1. If you are a beginner,it may take some practice to get the hang of the product. And for those with sparse and short lashes,getting them right can be more difficult,especially at the ends.

2. If the lashes are not being fitted correctly,please be patient and re-read the instructions and make sure to follow the instructions exactly. If there is anything unclear about the

instructions,please feel free to ask for our support.

3. Please note that the magnets are fragile,if not handled properly,the magnets may fall off the lash strip,especially when you try to separate the upper and lower lashes.

4. The correct separation method is to use the thumb and index finger to slide the magnetic strip horizontally in opposite directions,one left and one right,separate the magnet,and take out the

eyelashes.The same is true when it is taken down.

5.If you think the magnetic eyelashes are not curling enough, you can try to curl them with the eyelash curler tool first.